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Red Newplast


Red Newplast Supplied in a 500g bar.

Includes: 1 bar of plasticine

Red Newplast plasticine is a malleable, non-drying, non-setting modelling plasticine. It is sufficiently pliable to make a wide variety of models, but is firm enough to retain its shape indefinitely. It is a popular choice with stop motion animators and is used by Aardman.

Have a look at video above showing an episode of Marvellous Makes video made by Super Strange Studios. It explains how to make a fun plasticine character. The video is available for free on YouTube, but you'll find lots more available on the Azoomee platform.

For the character in the video you will also need a bar of, YellowOrange, Green, Black and White Plasticine

*Please note Newplast plasticine is made by Newclay in batches and this can result in colour shades varying slightly*

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