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About Chromacolour

Animation Equipment and Supplies

Chromacolour is the world leader in the manufacture and sale of supplies and equipment for traditional and digital animation. Throughout our long history, Chromacolour has continuously presented new and improved products to serve the animation industry.

We are proud to serve all members of the European animation community, including amateurs, students and professionals. Our company has become a trusted supplier and consultant to many of the world's renowned animation studios, including Disney and Warner Bros.

Maintaining close customer relations is central to our business, and we are proud of our team of knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives. Chromacolour representatives travel Europe, visiting clients and finding cost effective ways to meet their supply needs, arranging timely delivery schedules, and acting as a liaison between European studios. We work closely with producers and studio managers, seeking to ensure that our products meet the unique requirements of each studio, and the constantly changing needs of the industry. Many new products are developed through this process of customer consultation. If there is anything that your studio requires that is not on our website, please contact our Customer Service Team and we will endeavour to source it for you.

Arts and Crafts Products

Chromacolour manufacture a vast range of artist supplies including our unique ChromaColour Artist Paints. Our exciting new development in water-based paint offers the artist a versatility that is hard to beat. Never before has one paint offered such quality and diversity. The same product can be used as an ink, a gouache, a watercolour, an acrylic and even - with the addition of gel thickener - for impasto techniques. Our paints are so pigment rich that they can be diluted seven times more than traditional watercolours and still retain their tint value. It can be used on virtually any surface without priming because the underwash itself acts as a sealer. ChromaColour Artist Paints are available in 80 pigment rich, vibrant colours. Never before have all these properties been present in one paint.

With the manufacturing of the colours now repatriated back to the UK and being made by professional paint makers and overseen by Chris Christoforou, one of the main developers of the original colours, we are able to monitor and improve the quality of all 80 colours.

Please browse our website to see our full range of artist supplies from a picture frame to a paintbrush. We work closely with artists both professional and amateur seeking to ensure that our products meet the individuals unique requirements. Many new products are developed through this process of customer consultation.

In future, we will continue to build and strengthen our company, by offering our customers the highest quality products and unparalleled service. Another goal is to support the growth and development of the animation and art industry. To help recognise and encourage young talent, we will continue to support several animation festivals and artist workshops and exhibitions.