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Neon Bright Newplast


Neon Bright Newplast Supplied in a 500g bar. Includes:

1 bar of plasticine

Neon Bright Newplast plasticine is a fluorescent multi-coloured half kilo bar of plasticine. This brightly coloured version of Newplast is a non-drying, non-setting modelling material. Popular with children particularly for its eye poppingly bright colours, this neon plasticine bar is sufficiently pliable to make a wide range of models, and yet firm enough to keep its shape. These qualities make Newplast a popular choice with professional animators but also lends itself to being well suited to youngsters wanting to try stop motion clay animation for the first time too.

Neon Bright Newplast comes in a plasticine bar made up of 6 colourful layers which are easily separated.

*Please note these bars of plasticine are made in batches and as a result colour shades may vary slightly*

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