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Faber Castell 5H 9000 Pencils

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Graphite pencils of superior quality, protected against breakage by a special bonding process. Guaranteed easy sharpening.

Available in grades 8B - 6H. Each box contains 12 pencils of the same grade.

Faber-Castell 9000 5H pencils are artist-quality graphite pencils which are ideal for writing, drawing and sketching. The pencils produce beautifully smooth lines, are easy to sharpen and thanks to Faber-Castell’s special bonding process are extremely breakage-resistant.

Each pencil features a graphite black lead, which is made from very finely ground graphite and clay. It is this combination that ensures a smooth graphite consistency and that the Castel 9000 pencils are never scratchy. It also offers the control that you need when working on the small details as well as larger areas of your drawing. 

We offer the full range of pencils, 8B - 6H which you can find on our Faber-Castell 9000 Pencil page.

Sold in packs of 12.

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