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Chroma Artist Colours - Cadmium Yellow Light Hue 50ml Pot


Amazingly versatility, whatever your style, Chromacolour Artist Paints give you greater vibrancy than conventional paint. Use the paint straight from the container as an acrylic or gouache. Add water and use it as an ink, wash or watercolour. Add thickener to use like an oil or impasto.

ChromaColour Artist Paints do it all, and do it better than any other paints.

Chromacolour Artist Colours - Cadmium Yellow Light Hue 50ml Pot

ChromaColour Artist Paints are so pigment rich that they can be diluted seven times more than traditional watercolours and still retain their tint value. Our Artist Paints dry to the same colour as wet, so painting is more predictable. They also dry to a totally waterproof matt finish so overpainting does not produce muddy results.

ChromaColour Artist Paints are permanent, lightfast and will not fade. No matter how thickly they are applied, they remain flexible when dry and will not crack or yellow. The paints can be used on virtually any surface without priming because the underwash itself acts as a sealer. Supplied in both pots or tubes, the only difference is that the paint in the tubes is of a gel consistency. Your choice will depend on your painting style and personal preference.

Watercolourists, illustrators and airbrush artists may well prefer the more liquid paint in the pots because it is easy to dilute. Painters in the gouache style will find the paint straight from the pot is ideal for applying broad areas of opaque colour. Painters in the acrylic, oil and impasto styles may prefer the thicker tube paint. Paint straight from the tube can also be used like an acrylic, making it ideal for mixed-media artists.

When thickened with gel, the tube paint takes on the bulk and texture of oil paints and can even be applied in slabs of heavy impasto.

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