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Black Plexiglas Animation Disc - 15F

15 Field, Chromacolour Black Plexiglas Animation Disc

Chromacolour Plexiglas Discs are manufactured exclusively by us. These durable and high-quality animation discs are preferred by professional animators and animation studios around the world. The opaque insert provides large drawing space. The clear glass is layered over with white Plexiglas to provide a durable, replaceable surface. The glass is held in place with brass screw and clips. The centre of the field is conveniently marked on the back.

Supplied with a durable, black, Plexiglas frame, ensuring the disc is completely stable and unaffected by changes in temperature and humidity. There are beveled 1" holes on top and bottom of the disc, allowing for effortless rotation of disc.

The disc, which is easy to install into our lightboxes, come with top and bottom black Plexiglas panning pegbars, measuring 1.25" x 20". These are precisely calibrated in 1/20" increments. "0" marks the centre provide a reference point, with 8" delineated on each side. The pegbars slide easily through a beveled track and can be locked into any position, or even removed completely.The pegbars also each have fixed brass ACME registration pegs. 

The 15F glass disc has a working area of 444 mm wide by 275mm high .

Please note, this disc works with our 15 Field Lightboxes. Bought on its own no lighting source is included


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