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Animation Colour - Yellow 01 - 100ml Pot


Chromacolour Animation Paints have been especially formulated for traditional cel animation. There is no other vinyl paint on the market which is made for use on animation cel and acetate. Drying matt and flat ensures a superior finish.

Animation Yellow 01 will be supplied in a 100ml pot.


Chromacolour Animation Colour - Yellow 01 - 100ml Pot

Our Animation Cel Paints are based on the same original formula used to colour classic films like Who Framed Roger Rabbit, which coincidentally was the last feature film made using Chromacolour Cel Paint. Pigment rich and drying to a flat matt finish, our Animation Paint is a perfect cartoon colour for painting onto cel and acetate. The opacity of our Cel Paint means that most colours will cover with a single coat.

Traditionally Cel Paint was not suitable for mixing as most colours were created as tints. This means that the colours were made by adding either black or white to a base colour. As a result, when mixed, the outcome was often a strange shade of grey! Our current range are all base colours and therefore can be mixed with predictable results.

Whilst not used for feature length productions any longer, our Animation Paint is still used by Disney for commemorative cels as well as by independent studios and students making shorts. For Disney we made a range of bespoke colours for some of their most famous characters. If a bespoke colour is something you also require, we are only too happy do this for you. Contact us with your requirements and we will provide a quote.

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