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Pro Grade 12F 70gsm Animation Paper - PUNCHED

Pro Grade 12F 70gsm Animation Paper - PUNCHED

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Professional Grade 12 Field Animation Paper 70gsm (1000 Sheets) Punched



Chromacolour Professional Grade Animation Paper - Punched

Paper Size: 12 Field (12f ) 267mm x 33omm 

Chromacolour Professaionl Grade 70gsm Animation Paper is the leading animation paper on the market today. Specially formulated by Chromacolour and made to the highest quality art paper standard. Brilliant white, highly translucent (up to 10 levels on a lightbox) and strong. The surface has just the right tooth, allows multiple erasers and will take most markers with minimum bleed.

The crisp but flexible body of the paper also allows good control when flicking. 1000 sheets per box, packaged in re-useable storage boxes. It is also available in 12 Field ,15 Field and A3 & A4 sizes. The paper can be supplied both punched (Acme) and unpunched.

Our Pro Grade paper is unrivalled for producing sharp, high contrast line work. We have been providing animators with a superior drawing paper at a competitive price for decades. In a unique manufacturing process, hardwood and softwood pulp are combined to produce a fine-grained animation paper with qualities that are unmatched by other animation papers on the market. Meticulous quality control ensures consistent surface smoothness of the paper, making it simple to achieve professional results.

The paper is Environmentally Friendly and it is Chromacolour’s policy to respect the environment with an eye to the needs of future generations. Consequently we consider all environmental aspects when selecting the raw materials, additives and chemicals necessary for the production of our animation papers. Discounts on Bulk purchases are available, so please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your project's needs.

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